Coming in 2018: NEW Check. Change. Control.® Blood Pressure Management Program
(All Members)

Thirty percent of State Health Plan members have high blood pressure. Are you or your coworkers among them? Find out with a free new program coming in early 2018!

The State Health Plan is partnering with the American Heart Association to offer Check. Change. Control,® a self-management blood pressure control program available to all interested state worksites, schools, and universities in early 2018. Worksites may sign up to participate between November 27 and December 20, 2017. In addition, worksite representatives can register now for train-the-trailer webinars in January 2018. In those webinars, they will learn easy steps to guide their worksites through the four-month program that begins in February 2018. See below to register.

What is Check. Change. Control.®?
Check. Change. Control.® is a pre-packaged four-month turn-key program that provides blood pressure monitors, if needed, training, and ready-to-go health messages to help employees at your worksite achieve target blood pressure results. Employees will receive access to an electronic tracking tool and you will receive progress reports for your employees showing the impact of the program.

Why provide Check. Change. Control.®?
As previously noted, 30 percent of Plan members have high blood pressure – but even more may be undiagnosed.  Undetected and poorly managed high blood pressure can significantly affect one’s ability to work and live a healthy life. This four-month program, starting in February, will identify employees who are undiagnosed and at risk for developing high blood pressure and help employees with high blood pressure achieve target blood pressure results.

Next steps
Please join the State Health Plan and American Heart Association to help employees achieve optimal health by choosing to provide Check. Change. Control.® at your worksite next year. The four-month program will kick off in February.

To register your worksite for Check. Change. Control.®, click here between November 27 and December 20.

To register for a train-the-trainer webinar in January, click here now for either the January 8 morning webinar or the January 10 afternoon webinar.