(Active Members)

NC HealthSmart helps members reach their health and wellness goals each day. Tonia, a member from Haw River, had a surgery to remove a benign tumor just three days before the Christmas holiday.  When she was sent home, her discharging physician advised her to follow up with her Primary Care Provider (PCP) the next day in order to receive critical lab tests that would determine medication adjustments. When Tonia contacted her PCP’s office the following day, they had not received any orders from her discharging physician for these labs and advised her to seek the orders herself and then send them in — only then would they be able to schedule the lab tests for her.

Recovering from surgery and distraught over the lack of coordination, Tonia connected with an NC HealthSmart nurse, Cheryl, for Care and Case Manager (CCM) services.  Cheryl contacted the discharging physician to explain the situation and have the lab orders faxed to the PCP office immediately.  She then reached out to the PCP’s office to make sure they received the orders and scheduled an appointment for Tonia before the office closed for the Christmas holiday.

After her appointment, Tonia expressed her gratitude to Cheryl for her CCM services. She explained that she was in no physical or mental condition to handle care coordination after her surgery and was glad Cheryl was able to step in and help. Regarding her experience Tonia said, “I’m so glad to know ya’ll are available and you helped me so much. I don’t know what I would have done without it.”

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