(Active Members and Non-Medicare Retirees)

This month’s Member Spotlight features Wade, who suffered from complications of diabetes. After a recent hospitalization, Wade started working with a Complex Case Manager (CCM) to learn about the many diabetic benefits available to him. He learned how to receive a free glucometer and about the strip benefit savings when using a preferred brand.

The CCM also provided education on diabetic care and complications that can occur if his blood sugars were to remain high. He spoke with his CCM twice per month for follow up on blood sugars, weight loss, exercise and activity, as well as coaching and support. In between sessions, he was encouraged to utilize the Diabetes Resource Center on the State Health Plan website and educational materials available to him via his personal health portal. After his recent hospitalization for complications of diabetes, Wade was highly motivated and ready to make changes.

As a result of the coaching provided by the CCM, Wade was able to significantly reduce his A1C (almost by half) from April to August 2017.  He now counts carbohydrates, focuses on protein and decreasing portion sizes at meals.  As a result, he has lost 20 lbs. and states that he feels 20 years younger.

“I realize what these changes have done to the way I feel and I don’t want to lose any more body parts,” Wade said.

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