NC HealthSmart Member Spotlight Story
(All Members)

This month’s Member Spotlight features Judy, a member in Cove City, who seeks care to manage type 2 diabetes through both her Primary Care Provider (PCP) and an endocrinologist.  Her endocrinologist placed her on a new medication in January to lower her A1c. Unfortunately, her A1c continued to increase. More importantly, lab work ordered by her PCP showed a trace of protein in her urine and a lower glomerular filtration rate (GFR), which tests kidney function.

An NC HealthSmart nurse coach educated Judy about the importance of watching for the early signs of kidney damage with routine urine protein test and blood work. The coach helped her understand what the GFR should be and why. With permission, she received a copy of Judy’s lab results and was able to help her understand what each number meant.

In follow-up lab work, Judy’s GFR results continued to get lower. Now, understanding the significance of this number, Judy contacted her endocrinologist right away, who advised her to immediately stop the new medication. Within a week her results soon returned to normal.

Judy says that her PCP was “impressed” that her nurse coach had gone over the importance of the blood work in urine tests in such detail. Also, if it wasn’t for working with a coach, Judy would have never known the importance of the GFR value.  Judy says of her nurse coach, “She has been so helpful in many areas, but recently what she had told me saved my kidneys.”  

Judy’s message to other members: “My health coach is a very valuable resource for many different reasons. So if you are not taking advantage of their vast knowledge, I highly recommend you sign up as soon as possible. … I always learn something new each conversation.”

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