RivalHealth is an exciting new fitness-based online wellness platform that supports a culture of health and fitness at all levels. Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned fitness guru, RivalHealth meets you where you are and helps improve your health by providing:
  • Customized exercise and nutrition plans
  • Daily tips and motivation
  • Online access to workout routines and videos
  • Fitness assessments to help you measure success
  • Individual and group challenges
  • Points, badges and level tracking
  • A dynamic online platform where members can link their mobile fitness devices and apps for ease of tracking
Plan members can access RivalHealth two ways:
  1. Members in the CDHP are automatically eligible and can register by visiting rivalhealth.com/cdhp.
  2. Members employed in qualifying Wellness Champion worksites can access RivalHealth. Find out more about the Wellness Champions Program.
Learn more about what RivalHealth has to offer by watching this short video.