for Active Members

Wellness ChampionsThe State Health Plan is looking for leaders who value wellness to represent their worksite in the Wellness Champions Program.  By becoming a Wellness Champion, you’ll be joining a network of wellness advocates throughout the state that are supporting the mission of creating a healthier North Carolina, one worksite at a time! 

There are four main steps:
  1. Register or nominate a Wellness Champion at here.

  2. Act to improve wellness at your worksite — choose from any of the 24 suggested wellness activities

  3. Report the wellness activities that you’ve completed each quarter — we’ll let you know when and how to report

  4. Win prizes to support your wellness program if you’re within the top 36 performing Wellness Champions each quarter!

As an added incentive, Wellness Champions who have met identified benchmarks will gain FREE access to RivalHealth for all the Plan members at their worksite!

RivalHealth is a fitness-based wellness platform that meets members where they are and helps them improve their health by providing:
  • Customized exercise and nutrition plans 

  • Daily tips and motivation

  • Online access to workout routines and videos

  • Fitness assessments to help members benchmark their success

  • Individual, group, and worksite-led challenges

  • Points, badges, and level tracking 

  • A dynamic platform where members can link their fitness devices and applications for ease of tracking

Learn about the benchmarks to earn access to RivalHealth by visiting the Wellness Champions page.