What's True About the Flu Program
(All Members)

Getting a flu shot is easy for State Health Plan members through the "What’s True About the Flu" program.

The flu vaccine is available at no charge to all Plan members when you receive a shot at a worksite clinic, any in-network doctor's office, in-network health department, participating Convenience Care Clinics, or through a participating North Carolina immunizing pharmacist. The worksite flu shot clinics will run from Sept. 18 through Dec. 31, 2017. For a list of current flu shot clinics, click here.

To learn more, click on your plan – Consumer-Directed Health Plan, 80/20 or  70/30 – and then click on “My Plan Benefits.” 

Members eligible for the “What’s True About the Flu” program are members on the 80/20 Plan, Consumer-Directed Health Plan and the 70/30 Plan. Members on the UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plans should contact them directly for flu shot information:
  • UnitedHealthcare: 866-747-1014
In addition to getting your flu vaccine, below are some everyday steps you can take to wipe out germs:
  • Wash your hands often
  • Limit the amount you touch your face
  • Limit close contact with people who may be sick
  • Cough/sneeze into your elbow or a tissue, instead of your hands
If you do get the flu, here are a few things to know:  Your doctor may prescribe an anti-viral medication to help you feel better faster.  Don’t be surprised if your doctor does not prescribe antibiotics for the flu. Antibiotics DO NOT kill viruses— so they should not be used to treat the flu or other viruses. Using antibiotics when you do not need them can create a more serious problem of becoming antibiotic resistant, making future bacterial infections harder to treat.