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Subrogation, Third-Party Recovery and You

(Active-employees and non-Medicare retirees)

Have you recently been involved in a car crash that resulted in an injury?

The State Health Plan has the right to recover medical and pharmacy expenditures where a third party is liable for an injury incident, such as medical malpractice, worker's compensation, class action suits, product liability cases or auto accidents. The Plan protects member funds by paying only those claims for which it is responsible.

If the Plan pays claims that are the responsibility of a third party, then, by law, the Plan has a right to recover those payments. The Plan's lien will not exceed 50 percent of the total damages recovered by the Plan member, exclusive of the member's reasonable cost of collection. That cost is determined by the Plan.

Please note: If a liable third party pays YOU damages and the Plan is not informed, then YOU may be responsible for reimbursing the Plan. You can avoid this situation by calling Health Management Systems Inc. (HMS), the Plan's contractor to pursue third-party subrogation recoveries.

Contact HMS with any questions at 800-294-2757. You or your duly authorized representative can also send an email to for a subrogation request. For details, visit the State Health Plan website.

Click on the "Important Forms" tab under the 80/20 Plan or 70/30 Plan, then scroll down to "Subrogation — Third Party Recovery."