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Archived Webinars

Unable to attend a recent HBR webinar? No problem! You can find the PowerPoint presentation for the meeting you missed by clicking the archived presentation links below:

Description Archived Webinar Watch*
(*Not Available for All Webinars. You will be asked to register to view the recorded webinar. )
​TPA Implementation Training
​Topics included Medicare manager changes, transfer of documents and dependent verifications, employment status changes and the High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) transition. Click here for a list of FAQs.
​HBR Document Center Training
​This webinar covered the ongoing Dependent Eligibility Verification Ongoing process, required documentation for Qualifying Life Events, and Document Center Review.

​March 2018 HBR Webinar ​This webinar covered exception form reminders, member terminations and reinstatements, Medicare-eligible information sessions, DEVA results, and TPA Implementation Training for Non-Beacon Groups.
​February 2018 HBR Webinar ​Topics for February's webinar included new eEnroll enhancements, QuitlineNC Enrollment reminders, retiring members in a timely fashion, the TPA implementation update, Tax Time, and new Monthly Webinars on Tap for 2018.
​January 2018 HBR Webinar
​Topics for this webinar included Open Enrollment exceptions reminder, Group Billing inquiries, 2018 New Employee Resources, SSN and Dependent Eligibility Audit Terminations, 1095 Tax Form information and HBR Survey results.
​December 2017 HBR Webinar
​This webinar covered permitted changes in relation to the health insurance marketplace and individual policies, Blue Cross NC and Mission Health reaching an agreement to bring the health system back into the network, HDHP transition action, SSN Alert with the letter attached, DEVA notices in the mail, QuitlineNC letters, exception forms, and implementation of the new Blue Cross contract.
​November 2017 HBR Webinar
​This webinar covered an Open Enrollment update, Open Enrollment exceptions, Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit, and the ongoing verification process.
​October 2017 HBR Webinar
​This webinar covered an Open Enrollment update, legislation that modified newborn and adoption child rules, new Third Party Administrative (TPA) Services contract, and a DEVA (Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit) update.
​​September 2017 HBR Webinar ​​This webinar covered Open Enrollment, a DEVA (Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit) reminder, retro rehire rules and processing rehires within eEnroll, document center up and running, new hires and COBRA Coverage, live chat and secure messaging, planning for flu shot clinics.
​​August 2017 HBR Webinar ​​​​This webinar covered a DEVA (Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit) update, the document center, open enrollment mapping alert reminder, member open enrollment sessions, approval tasks, rehire retroactive rule, and ineligibility rules - when does coverage end?