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shp_healthsmart_home400.pngWelcome to the State Health Plan’s Health and Wellness resource center!  Here, you'll find information on NC HealthSmart, your healthy living resource for you and your family! 

The State Health Plan has designed a wealth of resources to help you achieve your health and wellness goals, many of which are offered at no extra cost to you as a Plan member. 

New to NC HealthSmart?

Get acquainted with all that NC HealthSmart has to offer, and see how members just like you have taken advantage of these resources. 

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Explore the Health and Wellness Site

Take advantage of the following member resources of the State Health Plan and NC HealthSmart, designed to help you be as healthy as you can be!

  • Disease and Case Management
    Services are available to help you* manage a chronic illness or address a sudden, catastrophic event or medical condition requiring multiple services and intensive management

  • Tobacco Cessation Resources
    Access a variety of resources to help you stop smoking, chewing tobacco or even e-cigarettes

  • Maternity Resources
    Including maternity coaching, free tobacco cessation support, alcohol and drug abstinence support, and how to add newborns to your plan

  • Worksite Wellness
    Resources are available for your worksite to help you and your co-workers adopt healthier lifestyle habits, including healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco cessation and stress management

  • Promote NC HealthSmart at Your Workplace
    Ready-to-use materials can be used to promote NC HealthSmart to employees at "lunch and learns," educational sessions and other worksite wellness events

  • Wellness Champions
    A great opportunity for enthusiastic individuals like you, who value worksite wellness, to assist with creating a healthier worksite at your location by participating in the launch of our newest initiative

Health Resources Available to You

Be sure to view the Health Resources Available to You chart for quick-access contact information.

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*Members eligible for NC HealthSmart services are members whose primary health coverage is through the State Health Plan. Federal and state law prohibits the State Health Plan from using your personal information to discriminate against you in any way, or from giving this information to your employer or other unauthorized third party unless required by law.