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Improve Your Health


Your Personal Health Portal is an online resource and information hub designed to help you reach your best health.

Personal Health Portal Features:
  • Health Assessment:  generates a personal health report, recommended health actions, and helpful resources for you
  • Digital Health Coaching Modules:  on a variety of health topics
  • Health and Wellness Trackers: able  to synch to other tracking devices and apps
  • Health Record: secure record of your previous tests, procedures, hospital visits, immunizations, allergies, and medications
Whatever your health goals may be, your Personal Health Portal has something just for you!

Members eligible for NC HealthSmart services are members whose primary health coverage is through the State Health Plan. Federal law prohibits the Plan from using your personal health information to discriminate against you in any way or from giving this information to your employing agency/school or other unauthorized third party, unless required by law.