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Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CDHP) for Non-Medicare Retirees
Consumer-Directed Health Plan (CDHP) Overview

The Consumer-Directed Health Plan is a high deductible health plan that is accompanied by a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), which is set up by the State Health Plan. This plan includes the ability to lower your monthly premium by completing wellness activities.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Preventive Services performed by an in-network provider are covered at 100% in this plan, which means there is no charge to you. 

CDHP Important Documents

CDHP Rate Sheets (2017)

Members indicated as 50% or 100% contributory notes the percentage of the premium for which they are responsible.

Medical Policies

Although your Benefits Booklet provides a good overview of what services and products are available to you under the PPO plans, the medical policies provide detailed information around the circumstances under which certain services and products are and are not covered. Medical policies can be found here on the Blue Cross and Blue Shield website*​.

* If any of the State Health Plan medical policies conflict with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina medical policies, the State Health Plan medical policies will prevail.

Prior Authorization

Certain services require prior review and certification before they can be covered by your health insurance plan. Click here​ for more information.


If you disagree with the way a claim has been handled, you can request an appeal or grievance review. For the complete appeals process, please click here​

Blue Connect

Visit the Enroll Now/Access Benefits page to access Blue Connect. From there, you will log into eEnroll, the Plan's enrollment system, through the appropriate portal. Once you're logged into eEnroll, you will see a Blue Connect Quick Link on the left side of your screen. Blue Connect​ is your online resource that can help you manage costs, make more informed health decisions and reach personal health goals anytime.